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Stickharnesses reduce the downward pull on the hips of large dogs, because the pull point is lower than on a normal harness. It can also be helpful for dogs that tend to pull slanted (crabbing). Combined with a line with pins, the pull comes straight from behind. It is especially suited for power training.

In a suitable harness, the fork point of the side straps comes approximately where the last ribs are. The lower part of the neck opening is placed at the tip of the sternum. Depending on the dog's height, the stick is placed 15-20 cm behind the base of the tail. Most important point in terms of fit is the neck opening and the fact that the dog can run without hitting the stick with its back thighs.

This harness is designed for pulling a sled and not for load pulling.

The most common sizes are currently in stock. Send a message if you want something in a different size or a larger quantity.

Dragråttan stick harness

  • Size /color code; Dog weight; Harness neck opening; Breast-width,

    Dog length;

    2 red,18-21 kg, 42 cm, 21 cm, 54 cm

    3 blue, 20-23 kg, 44 cm, 21 cm, 56 cm

    4 gray, 23-27 kg, 46 cm, 22 cm, 62 cm,

    5 black, 26-30 kg, 48 cm, 23 cm, 66 cm

    6 yellow, 29-33 kg, 50 cm, 23 cm 70 cm

    7 brown, 32-36 kg, 52 cm, 24 cm, 74 cm

    8 green, 36-40 kg, 58 cm, 25 cm, 80 cm

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