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Dragråttan x-back harness.

As visible in the picture, with an x-back harness is meant a style of harness where the sidesstaps are directly connected to the collar.

This type of harness fits shorter and normal build dogs, it is the most common harness-style used.

The collar should rest on the underside on the tip of the sternum.

At the moment we have the most common sizes in stock. If you want to order somthing else, or a bigger amout, send a message.

Dragråttan x-harness

  • Size colour

    aprox. weight

    collar of the harness/

    lengh of chestpice/

    lengh of back

    1 yellow 15-17 kg

    42 cm/20 cm/50 cm

    2 red 18-21 kg

    44 cm/21 cm/54 cm

    3 blue 20-23 kg

    46 cm/21 cm/56 cm

    4 grey 23-27 kg

    48 cm/22 cm/58 cm

    5 black 26-30 kg

    50 cm/23 cm/66 cm

    6 yellow/orange 29-33 kg

    52 cm/23 cm/68 cm

    7 brown 32-36 kg

    54 cm/24 cm/72 cm

    8 green 36-40 kg

    56 cm/25 cm/76 cm

    9 purple 40-44 kg

    58 cm/26 cm/78 cm

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