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Warm light dog jacket. Where the thin version has one layer of "Dupont Sorona"- insulation, this one has 3 layers.

Watterreppelent quick drying material that does not freez or collect water.

Jacked is desinged to have good space for the dog to move, so they can run with it.

For shorter breaks its enough to attach it with the velcro.

This model also has a removable bellycover (mostly for males).

It comes with the bigger sizes L and XL, but just tell if you need one for M or S sizes, they also have the velcro ready.


In the pictur is Hukka a about 27kg sqare shaped male with a jacked size L.

If not shure about the size, bigger is always better and covers more of the muscles.


V.I.P. warm dogjackt

  • size

    lengh of jackt

    aprox. dog weight

    color of the hanging loop

    S: 60cm 16-21kg black

    M: 65cm 22-26kg red

    L: 70cm 27-33kg yellow

    XL: 75cm 34-40kg blue



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