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Icelandic Lettlopi is a normal thick wool yarn (100%), which is produced in multiple colors.

It is traditionally used for Icelandic sweaters, for in and outdoor use.

But the yarn fits also well to knit mittens, hats or felting.

The wool comes from Iceland where the sheep roam freely in the summer months. Their wool is thick and has a longer overcoat and a shorter undercoat. This makes the wool very durable, warm and light.

Lettlopi 9434: Punainen - Crimson Red

SKU: L9434
  • Skein of yarn: 100 m / 50g

    Material: 100 % villa

    Gauge 10×10 cm:18 s. x 24

    Washing recommendation:

    Hand wash cold

    Suggested needles: 4-5 mm

    Producer: Istex

    Country of origin: Iceland

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