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Vip x-back harness in orange.


As seen in the second picture on the red arrow, with an x-back harness a style of harness is meant, where the sides are directly connected to the collar.

This type of harness fits shorter and normal build dogs, it is the most common harness-style used.

The collar should rest on the underside on the tip of the sternum.

Imortaant! This harness and the R-harness has a 2cm bigger collar than a trekking or stickharness.

In the first picture the harness looks a bit too long on the dog due to her overstreching. While when running it fits well, so it is very important to asess the fit on the move also.

The dog in th epicture is a square-built wide alaskanhusky weighting aproximately 22kg and runs also with an old style 6.5 nonstop harness.


At the moment we have the most common sizes in stock. If you want to order somthing else, e.g. another color, or a bigger amout, send us a message.

V.I.P. X-Back Harness

  • Size and collar size


    Size of the collar (cm)/

    lengh of harness (cm)

    aprox. dog weight (kg)


    2 (2.5) red 40cm/52cm 16-19kg

    3 (3.5) blue 42cm/56cm 20-22kg

    4 (4.5) grey 44cm/60cm 23-25kg

    5 (5.5) black 46cm/64cm 26-29kg

    6 (6.5) yellow/orange 48cm/68cm 30-33kg

    7 (7.5) brown 50cm/71cm 34-37kg


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