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Stickharness are reducing the downwards pull on the hips of bigger dogs because the pulling point is lower than on a regular harness. This type of harness can also be beneficial for dogs that tend to run sideways. Combined with sticklines the pull is comming staight from behind the dog.

It is especially a good choice when training with high resistance.


The collar of the stickharness is a bit smaler than the one from R-or x-harness. It is the fullsized measurment.

On a fitting harness the splittingpoint on the sides sits aproximately on the last ribs. The collar should rest on the underside on the tip of the sternum.

The stick sits (depending on the lengh of the dog) 15-20cm behind the base of the tail.

Most important for the fitting is the right fit on the collar, and that the dog is able to run without hitting the stick with his legs.


At the moment. we have the most common sizes in stock. If you want to order some other size or a bigger amout, send us a message.

V.I.P. Stickharness

  • Size:


    Neck circumference,

    Lenght of harness from top of collar to the stick,

    dog size: aprox./weight

    • 2 red 40 cm 17-19 kg
    • 3 blue 42 cm 20-23 kg
    • 4 grey 44/75 cm 22-24 kg
    • 5 black 46/80 cm 25-28 kg
    • 6 yellow 48 cm 29-32 kg
    • 7 brown 50 cm 33-37 kg
    • 8 green 52 cm 38-43 kg
    • 9 purple 54 cm 44-55 kg

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