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Vip R-harness. (also xc-harness, extended x-back)

As visible on the second pictur on the neck ther is a extendig piece bevore the harness splits over the back.

This kind of harness fits dogs with a longer back and chest.

A fittig harness runns over the last ribs and end on the base of the tail.

The collar should rest on the underside on the tip of the collarbone.


Hox! This harness and the x-back one has a 2cm bigger collar than trekking or stickharness.


On the pictures dog Kira is wearing a size 4. She is a young and narrow about 22kg alaskan and sibe cross.


Atm. we have the most common sizes in stock. If you want to order somthing else, other color, or a bigger amout, send a message.

V.I.P. R- Harness

  • Size (size of collar)

    color codes

    collar lengh (cm)

    harness lengh (cm)

    aprox. dog weight (kg)

    2 (2.5) red 42cm 52cm 16-19kg

    3 (3.5) blue 44cm 55cm 20-22kg

    4 (4.5) grey 46cm 62cm 23-25kg

    5 (5.5) black 48cm 65cm 26-29kg

    6 (6.5) yellow 50cm 72cm 30-33kg

    7 (7.5) brown 52cm 74cm 34-37kg



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